Bubble Blaster

So what is Bubble Blaster and why should we care? Nothing special, yet another variation of the mega popular Bubble Shooter game, in kind of fancier colors but with slight changes in gameplay. Well actually, there’s only once difference really: In B. Shooter you don’t get penalty until you miss, in Bubble Blaster on the other hand you get penalties every after several shots no matter what you do. Basically, you have to score as much as you can in given time to win. Naturally, you can never beat the computer, however, if you’re challenging other player, whoever scores most is the winner.

Nothing crazy about BubbleBlaster, in fact the original shooter game is far better than this one, except the dull looks, well the original game looks horrible actually but the gameplay is far enjoyable. Few words about the objective of the game: The in-game instructions say that you need to clear the screen of all bubbles (which isn’t even possible) and this is achieved by grouping 3 or more bubbles of same color together. Once the bubble touches the ground it’s over. That’s it really, you just aim the bazooka or whatever it is and shoot the %#!@ out of bubbles. By the way, make sure you switch off the sound / music, it is extremely annoying.

  • Instructions

    "Easy to Play , Just do the stuff you do in B. Shooter Game shoot the same color bubbles to erese them"

  • Better Graphics

    "The Bubble Blaster Game looks far better than old B. Shooter"

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